PVA's Future

PVA and Slam – One Name One Club One Mission

 In 2015-16, PVA and SLAM will be merging into PVA that unites the clubs.  Under one name, we feel we can accomplish our mission of providing the best training for each athlete and each team.  Our philosophy is to teach the skills of volleyball, train the student athlete and convey a joy of the sport we feel very passionate about. 

To create a love of the game for families and athletes is our ultimate goal.

Where we are headed:

  • Restructuring of teams
  • Restructuring of try-outs, commitments to help ensure the most competitive teams for our athletes
  • Parent advisory group – input from athletes and families to make our program better. 
  • Player evaluations: mid and post season evaluations to monitor players growth,
  • Mid and Post season Coaches evaluations
  • Lesson packages
  • Recruiting packages
  • Speed and agility packages

2015-16 OFFERS and commitments

The challenges both players and programs have faced with the quickly changing dynamics of club volleyball requires us to be ahead of the game and prepare for the future.  

We have a loyal base of families and athletes who have commit to us for the last 4 years.  WE want to keep a place in our program for all those athletes, giving them the first opportunity at try-outs (please check the website for updated try-out information)

To ensure the quality of teams PVA wants to provide, we will be requiring a deposit with a commitment.  We hope we can secure a core of players early in building each team knowing that final teams and commitments may not be secured until late July, after nationals.  This will ensure the challenge of de-commitments that PVA faced this year.


PVA wants to provide the most competitive teams for all abilities of play, which is why we have broken the program down into levels.  These levels are just a guideline in placing players on teams along with other factors that determine which level and team an individual is placed on. 

Athletes may ask to be placed on a lower level to accommodate other commitments; however athletes must be asked to the higher level teams.  Considerations for each team and level are:   

  • Athletes athleticism (vertical, strength, quickness)
  • Athletes potential 
  • Athletes position

Due to the uncertainty of player movement and understanding the potential of players, some athletes may receive a 2 level offer, meaning they may have the potential to “move up” again; hoping to ensure the most competitive teams we can put into place.

 Level 1 NATIONAL teams – have the expectation to qualify for USAV Nationals by competing in regional and a minimum of 3 national qualifying events. Focus will be on team development, skill specific training, to prepare athletes for the next level of volleyball.

Level 2 Premiere teams have the opportunity to qualify for USAV nationals by competing in regional and national qualify events including 1 travel tournament.

Level 3 Regional teams will have the opportunity to compete in regional qualifying events and local tournaments

Level 4 GOLD teams will play in GOLD level tournaments and regional HOA events

Level 5 SILVER teams will play in SILVER level tournaments and regional HOA events

Level 6 YOUTH teams are designed as an age appropriate introduction to club volleyball


 Rather than running a summer league, PVA will offer a PVA Power program that will focus on individual growth as an athlete, along with growth as an individual player.  This program will be highly suggested for kids who plan on participating on a PVA team in the 2015-2016 season.  The purpose of the program is to ensure the development of key fundamental volleyball skills that we would like to instill throughout the program.  More information will be emailed about the upcoming program. 

As the landscape of volleyball is changing in the HOA region, PVA will continue to adapt to maintain a high level program.   Please let either myself, Jeff or Kim know if you have any questions about what the future holds for us and our intentions.  Thank you for making PVA a top program in the Kansas City Area.